Academy of Asian Martial Arts

Academy of Asian Martial Arts

@ the STX Budokan

6601 Everhart, Ste B-3

Near Everhart & Saratoga

Corpus Christi, TX 78413

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Traditional Martial Arts in Corpus Christi.

In the classes I instruct, I endeavor to teach traditional martial arts for self-defense, health (physical, mental and spiritual), the cultural aspects, martial theory and the philosophy of China, Japan and Okinawa.

The classes consist of traditional martial arts from China, Japan, Okinawa and the Philippines.

Classes for students from ages 6 through 96


Introductory offer for the 1st 3 months.

Private lessons available for individuals or groups

No Contracts or testing fees.

Bo-jitsu Class in October

Traditiona Bo or staff seminar Friday's at 6:30-8pm. Learn Basic strikes, kata, 2 man drils and sparring. Excellent exercise and a great self defense. Staff training and skills will transfer to any other weapon, like knives or baton size sticks.


Classes in Yang style Taijiquan, Kids karate & jujitsu,

Matsumura Itto ryu Iaijitsu and Hakutsuru Karate Jitsu.


The Yang style Taijiquan includes the 24 & 103 posture forms, sword (left & right handed), sabre (left & right handed), Spear, 2 man forms, 2 man sword & sabre forms, Qigong, 1-8 single hand push hands, 1-8 four hands push hands, da liu and 2 person sword & sabre drills.


Kids classes that include kata, strikes and kicks from Okinawan karate and the throws, locks and grappling skills from Japanese jujitsu training.

The Matsumura Itto Ryu Kobujitsu (Iai & Kenjitsu) classes include basic cuts & drills, kata, two man drills and sparring.

Hakutsuru ryu Karate Jitsu (Okinawan White Crane). Old style martial arts. The crane is the animal in Chinese martial arts that requires the highest level of skills. Self defense. Basics, kata and two man exercises.

Private instruction in Isshin ryu, Okinawan Kobudo & jitsu (including bo, sai, tuifa, eku & kama), Naginata, Advincula's Combat Escrima (including stick, knife, double stick, sword & dagger and double sword), Phan Ku ryu jujitsu. Self-defense courses for men, women, police, children and military.


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